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Carrera sunglasses

A Heritage of Sport and Fashion

«La Carrera Panamericana» once the world’s longest, fastest, and most dangerous race, inspired Wilhelm Anger to found Carrera in 1956. The people at Carrera believe that, in life, there is no reward without risk, and their innovative and sexy designs echo that philosophy. Every pair of Carrera sunglasses is designed to fit the needs of those living in the fast lane of life.

Carrera sunglasses have been seen on the faces of celebrities across the globe; stars like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Brad Pitt, and Usher have all fallen for the brand’s up-to-the-minute designs and innovative technology. All product are born of four key design principles inspired by their unique heritage: Carrera Muses, Carrera Icons, Carrera Craze, and Carrera Active, making the brand perfect for sport or fashion.