Cat Eye Sunglasses

Kam Dhillon Ella-53



A favourite amongst today’s hottest celebrities and trendsetters, cat eye sunglasses are a chic style that provide an instant touch of drama and allure. These femme sunnies were a hit with style icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, and prove that classic styles will always stand the test of time.

Make a statement with cat eye sunnies

Clearly boasts a wide selection of cat eye prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, from subtle to striking. You’ll find these frames with shimmering metal rims, as well as bold plastic trims, in any colour of your liking. Shop our exclusive brands, including Derek Cardigan and Love,or our designer options, such as Bolon, to find your perfect pair. A versatile design, this style will suit a wide range of face shapes, especially round, heart and triangle.

Cat eye sunnies will help you turn heads and leave a lasting impression without saying a word. So go ahead and add some vintage flare to your wardrobe with a pair today.