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Tory Burch Sunglasses

Luxurious Urban Aesthetics

Tory Birch eyewear places luxury at the core of every design that blends a bold, contemporary look with an urban aesthetic. This line is designed for women who enjoy the finer things, but also wants to express their edgy side. Coastal is pleased to present a selection of glamorous styles from the Tory Burch eyewear line.

Discover styles such as the contemporary oversized design in finely crafted, semi-transparent acetate enhanced with a timeless brown gradient lens tint. Every pair brings a sumptuous exuberance to any outfit.

The contemporary luxury of this designer line extends beyond great looks. Every pair of glasses provides full UVA and UVB protection without compromising on visual acuity. Exceptional lens quality means that images are clearer and colors are brighter for an unsurpassed view of the world. No matter where life takes you, Tory Birch eyewear embodies opulence with an underlying edge of modern style that's sure to get noticed.